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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bloom Ranch and Nectary

This is a CC-free house I made for a legacy I’m playing in Moonlight Falls, built over two generations with actual gameplay funds. It’s modeled after my courtyard house, but with a mirrored floor plan and placed on a bigger lot.
It includes a stable that can fit up to three box stalls, and a small area for jumping practice. It has a garden with all non-special base game plants and some grapes from World Adventures. It also has a nectar cellar (which I admittedly copied from my own St. Francis Nectary), and several little dining areas for entertaining guests or just hanging out.
I built this for a simple hard working family, so it’s furnished modestly with what I like to imagine were mismatched garage sale finds. I’ve been playing this lot for a while and it’s been a great home for my self-employed sims. Enjoy!
  • No CC
  • 40x40 
  • §84,985
  • 3 bedroom
  • 3 bathroom
  • Mostly furnished (2 unfurnished bedrooms)
  • Horse stable
  • Nectar cellar
  • Farming area
REQUIREMENTS: World Adventures, Late Night, Pets
DOWNLOAD (choose one): .package (2.9mb) | .sims3pack (2.94mb)

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