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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dixon Chain Link Fences

I searched all over for chain link fences for my The Walking Dead prison but couldn't find the perfect set so I made these for myself — a regular fence, single gate, double gate, and a barbed wire fence. I named these after a character on the show. Maybe you guys will find these useful for your own building projects.


  • Basic Fence, Single Gate, and Double Gate are merged into one .package
  • Barbed Wire Add-on requires the fence set (textures are linked to it!)
  • The basic fence and two gates have two recolorable channels, the barbed wire fence has three channels.
  • The shadows for the gates appear solid. It’s a game thing. I don’t think there’s a way to fix it.
  • *Sometimes the posts on the barbed wire fence fade when zoomed in too close because it’s tall and the game treats it like a big object (like trees). Not a big deal. 

DOWNLOAD: Chain Link Set + Barbed Wire Add-on (.rar, 262 kb)


  1. Awesome!!!
    Please, please, please, share the prison!!! It looks completely great!

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