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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Live Edge Dining Tables

I’ve always loved wood slab tables with natural edges. The Twigs-n-Sticks table from Supernatural had a lot of potential, so I gave it a modern makeover with three different bases: slab legs, hairpin legs, and metal frames.

I also edited the wood slab to give the ends a ‘cut’ look, and added a recolorable channel for the live edges.

* Possible Issue: The recolorable channels on the table top don’t blend perfectly and have a thin white line where the edges meet. (Click for picture). Don’t use dark recolors on the table top to avoid the issue. (If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.)

**This DOES NOT require Supernatural. :D

Polygon Counts

slab - 627
hairpin - 1009
frame - 699


Terms of Use: Don’t claim as your own. Don’t re-upload anywhere. You may include it in a lot, or use it as a base — just please let me know or at the very least give credit.

(*Credit: wire chair by MS91 Designs)


  1. Hello.

    I have been saving links to your beautiful work for Sims 3 until I had a decent computer.

    I guess I have one now, but these downloads are all set to private. Do you think you'll be opening them again?

    Anyway, thank you, with great admiration for your creations.